NAPIMS Profile

​​​​​​​Profile of the National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS)

​The National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS) is a Corporate Services Unit (CSU) in the Exploration and Production (E&P) Directorate of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation charged with the responsibility of managing Nigeria Government's investment in the Upstream sector of the Oil and Gas industry.​​

Our objective is to enhance and maximize the margin accruing to the Nigerian Federal Government through effective supervision of the Joint Venture Companies (JVCs), Production Sharing Companies (PSCs) and Service Companies (SCs). We shall achieve our objective through adequate supervision of budgets and performance, as well as ranking of projects that give higher "returns on investment" to the Nigerian government. We also engage in direct exploration of the frontier and inland basins.​


To be a world-class portfolio man​ager of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) investments in the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector.

Mission Statement

To enhance the benefits accruing to the Federation from its investments in the Upstream Petroleum Industry, through effective cost control and supervision of the Joint Venture Contract (JV), Production Sharing Contract (PSC) and Service Contract (SC) Operations.​

Organisational Structure​

NAPIMS is headed by a Group General Manager (GGM) who oversees the divisional General Managers (GMs) who are in charge of the Divisions, and report directly to the GGM. The GMs, in turn, oversee the departmental Managers, while the Departments are further sub-divided into Sections that are headed by Deputy Managers who directly oversee the rest of the staff.​


The Ten (10) Divisions in the NAPIMS organizational structure are Joint Venture Operations (JV), Production Sharing Operations (PS), Gas, Frontier Exploration Services (FES), Materials Management, Planning, Finance and Accounts, Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NipeX), Services and Legal.


We have some of the brightest brains in Nigeria, hence, our staff cut across all professions in engineering, geosciences, economics, accounting, law, humanities and social sciences. In order to improve our manpower development, NAPIMS consistently trains its staff to meet the challenges in the dynamic Oil and Gas Sector.

​Our ​Business

NAPIMS manages Nigeria government's investments in the Upstream Sector, to maximize return on  its investments through effective supervision of the JV, PSC and SC Companies, using best industry practices. We also engage in direct exploration of the frontier basins in order to open it for investors. Our Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NipeX) division oversees both the e-marketplace and the Joint Qualification System (JQS) for electronic procurement/contracting and registration of contractors/service providers respectively. This ensures transparency in the contracting process and reduces contract approval cycle.

Our Partners

We represent the Nigeria government's equity holdings in the Joint Venture operations with Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited, Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited, Chevron Nigeria Limited, Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited, Nigeria AGIP Oil Company Limited, and Pan Ocean Oil Corporation. In addition, we also supervise the mechanism of funding the Joint Venture Operations through the Cash-Call Process. We have about 50 PSC Companies currently at various levels of operations. Seven of the companies that we supervise are already at production stage.

Local Content and Capacity Building

NAPIMS is the vehicle through which the NNPC achieves its Local Content Strategy.  Through effective monitoring of its contracting process and implementation, NAPIMS ensures that there is indigenization in both project award and project execution, in line with corporate strategy.  We ensure local content and capacity building through the domiciliation of all geological and geophysical studies, pre Front-End Engineering studies as well as certain segments of engineering construction. This strategy is aimed at building Indigenous capacity as well as stimulating backward integration.

Social Responsibility/Sustainable Development

As a responsible corporate citizen, NAPIMS ensures that Oil Companies carry out their operation in accordance with global standards and best practices to ensure that operations are carried out in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our Public Affairs Department (PAD) ensures that our partners undertake developmental programmes and Community Development projects in communities where they operate. This has ensured a harmonious relationship with host communities and an environment conducive to smooth operation.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes cut across infrastructural development, health care, educational sponsorship, sport development and awareness campaigns.

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