The GM Planning

The General Manager of Planning for National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS) is Mr. Victor Briggs.

Victor Briggs joined NAPIMS effective October 01, 2006, as head of the Planning Division. He brings a wide experience spanning more than fifteen years of industry experience in technical, Planning, economics, as well as decision analysis.

Prior to joining NAPIMS, Victor was on an international assignment with Chevron Global Gas, working as a Decision and risk analyst. In this role he was responsible for providing economic analysis, as well as Decision and Risk Analysis Support to the Chevron Global Gas Latin American Business Unit, on gas projects. Specific projects supported during this time included Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) projects, Gas Pipeline Transportation Projects, as well as ammonia and Power Plant Projects.

Prior to joining Chevron Global Gas, Victor worked in various capacities in the Nigerian Business unit of Chevron Corporation, and Texaco prior to the merger. He started his career as a petroleum engineer in 1990, and has worked in production and reservoir engineering as well as Planning and Business development in the Nigerian Business unit.

As a Petroleum Engineer Victor has participated actively in reservoir fluid property determination, gas lift optimization projects, field development plans as well as reservoir simulation, to name a few. In 1999 he was on a short assignment to Houston where he participated in the simulation studies of a volatile oil reservoir.

On the business development side, Victor has extensive experience in business and strategic planning, joint venture budgeting, as well as economics and decision analysis. He has developed several economic models in the upstream oil segments of the business. He has also developed several models to evaluate gas value chain economics. He has excellent Knowledge of oil and gas contracts and fiscal regimes in Nigeria and several South American countries like Venezuela, Trinidad and Colombia.

Victor graduated as a Petroleum Engineer from the University of Port Harcourt, in PortHarcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria in 1990, and joined Texaco the following year as a petroleum engineer. In 2004 he received his MBA from the Lagos Business School in Nigeria.