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NipeX organized a workshop on Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with its stakeholders on July 1, 2009 at Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos. The GM NipeX representing the GGM NAPIMS flagged-off the event. The workshop was aimed at resolving concerns of Parties with regards to the NipeX MoU. A total of 67 participants from 21 JV/PSC/SC Companies NCD, CSLD and NAPIMS attended the workshop.

The event, being the first of its kind was an opportunity for Stakeholders to brainstorm on issues relating to the contracting process with the intent of ensuring that the full benefits of establishing NipeX are achieved. The workshop restated the roles of all the Parties, proposed amendments to the NipeX MoU and identified system improvement initiatives. The system improvement initiatives include:

Implementation of the Prequalification Module by 3rd quarter 2009.

:: Introduction of standard timelines for advert and bid publication
:: Combine approval of advert draft and contract strategy
:: Enforce utilization of Collaboration Room for advance review of documents and requesting nominations for bid opening and evaluation
:: E-mail notification should be sent to parties to attend to documents in the Collaboration Room
:: NCD to be set-up in shopping cart for parallel approval with NAPIMS as a group
:: Upgrade NipeX IT bandwidth in order to increase speed
:: Enforce the use of NipeX system for contract processing
:: Combine Invitation To Tender (ITT) and Technical Evaluation Criteria (TEC) approval Request.
:: Parties to utilize NipeX to endorse award recommendation
:: NipeX to have escalation notification to next approval
:: Parties to review resource challenges

A major area of disagreement between Parties was the Superiority of the NipeX MoU and JOA. While the IOC’s wanted the MoU to be subjugated to the JOA, NNPC was of the view that the MoU was complimenting the JOA and as such should not be subjugated to the JOA. In order to reach a consensus it was agreed that the statement “The MoU recognizes and preserves the sanctity of the Joint Operating Agreement (JOA), Production Sharing Contract (PSC) and Service Contract (SC) with respect to the IOC group” be inserted as a clause in the MoU.

The workshop reiterated the benefits of collaboration, Parties though with divergent viewpoints working together can achieve much more than if otherwise working alone. The GM, NipeX thanked participants and facilitators of the workshop and expressed optimism that the MoU would be finalized and executed as soon as possible for the use of all stakeholders.