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To effectively move the materials management chain forward in the oil and gas industry, it became imperative to address all issues hampering NAPIMS’ delivery of the Federal Government’s Mandate. It is against this backdrop that the GGM NAPIMS, Dr. Ayo Balogun recently met with all the industry’s managers of the materials and supply management in Lagos. Dr. Balogun noted that while the strategic role of NAPIMS Materials Management Division in the entire chain of production, storing and dispensing of products cannot be overemphasized; it was also necessary according to him: “To break barriers, strengthen relationships and also synergize efforts”.

The GGM further opined that there is the need for proper house-keeping of the process in order to maintain best practices amongst all stakeholders in line with NAPIMS’ aspirations.While observing that it is not uncommon for parties to have divergent issues in the course of managing the chain, he said that what is important is for all involved to consciously put up efforts at resolving such issues in order to achieve the set goals.

Responding on behalf of all the IOCs/ participants, Mr. Othman of Total E & P, thanked the GGM for the meeting. He said that it is a welcome development to have such meeting as it provides an avenue to critically examine, review and proffer solutions to issues and challenges confronting the business in the protracted contract processing and approvals time-line. He noted that this issue is considered a major challenge to the supply chain in the industry.

For Mr. Othman, there are 3 key Ms in the production chain; namely “MEN, MATERIALS AND MONEY”, while he is of the belief that time may be buyable, money has time value and this precipitates the need to redeem it by hastening the process cycle. The GGM thereafter assured the IOCs that efforts are already on- going to reduce the contracts and approvals time frame without circumventing due process.

Dr. Balogun further challenged the participants to use the opportunity of the meeting to evolve workable mechanisms that will help eliminate or minimally reduce the bottlenecks currently being experienced in the process.

The General Manager, Materials Management Division, NAPIMS, Engr. H. S. Tahir supported the GGM by providing explanation to the questions and issues raised by participants in relation to NAPIMS’ roles and responsibilities. As a follow up, a larger meeting involving the Nigerian Content Division (NCD), Nipex and the IOCs was convened by the NAPIMS Materials Management Division. The purpose of the meeting principally was to address the interface with NCD for greater success.

Engr. Tahir informed participants at the forum that the NCD Bill which was developed through the joint effort of NNPC and the IOCs is at approval stage and the co-operation of all stakeholders will be needed for its successful implementation.