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Total commitment to duty and assigned responsibilities has been identified as a major tool required of NAPIMS’ staff to enable the Division which is described as a ‘strategic arm’ of NNPC deliver on its mandate. This challenge was given to staff at the handover ceremony held in commemoration of the change of leadership baton between Dr. M. K. Baru, the erstwhile GGM of NAPIMS who has since been redeployed to the Corporate Headquarters, Abuja as GGM NNPC Services Ltd and the incoming GGM, Dr. Ayo Balogun.

Giving an account of his stewardship, and the current status of major projects, Dr. M. K. Baru stated that there are currently over 60 active PSCs and over 100 others that have been signed, but not yet operational. He observed that since 2006, there have been no significant reserve addition as the industry has been witnessing a decline rather than increase. He stated that NAPIMS in a bid to checkmate this trend had to ring fence the exploration budgets of the IOCs & FES in order to get them to explore for additional reserves. However, the unconducive environment in the operational areas which does not encourage seismic shooting/drilling could be one of the reasons harmpering progress in this direction.

He expressed his delight that NAPIMS has succeeded in meeting its obligations regarding cashcalls from the partners. He stated that office accommodation had remained a great challenge, however, this is being addressed through the palliative work going on in the No. 36, Gerard Road office. Speaking on NipeX, Dr. Baru stated that NipeX is scheduled to go live before the end of the year, and that will bring to an end all paper advertisements.

The outgoing GGM, NAPIMS, implored the present crop of management to give a better cooperation to the new GGM, Dr. Ayo Balogun.

Dr. Baru informed his successor that the NAPIMS staff have professional approach to work and advised him to build a team, give direction, devolve power/authority, prioritize, escalate what is very important and be very clear in decision making.

On a lighter note, the outgoing GGM quoted the Chinese saying “We want to live in interesting times” - and these are very interesting times because of the huge challenges that abound. In his response Dr. Balogun was full of gratitude to his predecessor for being detailed in his hand over and for the wise counsel offered to him which he believes has formed a good building block for him and the new team. He spoke concerning the 100 day agenda commitment signed by each Directorate at the Townhall Meeting with the GMD of NNPC at Calabar and stressed that NAPIMS is determined to deliver on the commitment.

Dr. Balogun then called on the new team to focus on the NAPIMS Mission Statement and the objectives that NAPIMS was set out to achieve and work assiduously towards achieving same. He promised to fully empower, support and encourage staff to perform at optimal level. The ceremony had in attendance the
top management staff of NAPIMS.